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Just to say……

Hi all,

I’ve been so blessed to have some very supportive followers and in case you haven’t been reading my travelblog for my trip to Nepal, I wanted to say hello again.

Nepal was such a fantastic experience in so many ways. Being stable on a medication that works has been so wonderful and looking back even to December, I am so happy that at last I’ve got a handle on my depression, hopefully for some time. Comparing December, when I was crying every day and starting to lose hope again, to my time away when I cried twice in two months and both times were pretty justified, makes me realise firstly how hard depression is, and also how amazing not having it makes me feel. I feel like I’m back in action. This time last year, this blog was just starting out and everything was full of uncertainty – would I complete the year, or fail, or be forced to drop out? Would I manage to keep going? If I did, would I have any chance of getting a first job that I wanted?

A year on, and all I can say is that God has been so good to me! Those long months of desolation seem far away, now. I also found out whilst I was away that I got my absolute first choice of job for next year, which as it was on one of the most competitive programmes in the UK, is a colossal blessing. I got through it. I feel like the dark days are finally over.

I’m starting to prepare for my final exams now (eeeeeek) and haven’t decided if I’ll keep blogging, and if I do, where that will be. In the meantime, I pray for all of you, and am so thankful for your help in getting me through this last year. You are lifesavers.

lots of love,


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