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I got an email yesterday saying that Susie from STPT chose my blog as one of her five picks for the ‘Liebster Award’. Liebster is a German word that means dearest, beloved, or favorite. This award is from fellow bloggers and must be given to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers, which is definitely me! It’s been a really rough week and this was such a lovely perk. Susie, thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone, and thank you for your blog, which is such a testament to the faith of a strong women who is strong in God.

So –  please check out my nominee, Susie, at her blog http://sptp2011.wordpress.com/. Now, here are my ‘top five’ in no particular order, who I think should get this award too.

1) Linda Krushke at http://lindakruschke.wordpress.com/. Linda has been a real encouragement to me, and her posts are an endless source of grace.

2) Sarah Moon at http://moonchild11.wordpress.com/. I haven’t read this for long, but I can tell that Sarah is AWESOME. Required reading for any young Christians, male or female.

3) Moon Tree at http://recoveryandback.wordpress.com/: MT just comes across as totally lovely and very determined. I’ve learned a lot from ehr.

4) Debbie at http://iftodaywehear.wordpress.com/ Debbie has also been so supportive in the last few months and I really feel blessed to have her as a ‘blogfriend’.

5) Flo, at http://disabledmedic.blogspot.com/: Flo is at a similar stage of training to me, but with very different obstacles. Her posts often make me smile, and want to do better.

So folk, have a wee look if you’ve got some time, and for my ‘favourite five’, have a fabulous day and pass the ‘Liebster love’ on to another five bloggers.

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